Thom’s Diary: January 21st

On this day, January 21st 2018:

5 sets / 3 reps close-grip pull ups (3 minute intervals between sets, as set by the strength training rules)
2 sets / 6 leg-lifts (using pull up bar)
3 sets / 10 reps push ups
3m Plank
2 sets / 10 reps supermans

Notes: A fairly short workout today. Need to up my motivation tomorrow. Still lots of winter weight and muscle atrophy to rectify! I planned on including cardio but the weather has been off-putting. Come wind, rain, snow, or shine, I will go running everyday for the next few days.

Thom’s Diary is where Thom, founder and head writer at Modern Calisthenics, keeps a short record of his daily workout routines so that you can follow his progress on the path to mastering modern calisthenics.

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