Push Up Bars: The Ultimate Guide

Guide to Push Up Bars | ModernCalisthenics.com

Push ups are the most effective exercise for building strong chest muscles, and contribute to strengthening numerous other muscles simultaneously. I’ve already posted a guide to doing push ups, so today I’m going to explore doing push ups using push up grips – also called push up bars.  While calisthenics …

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How to do a Plank

How to Plank | ModernCalisthenics.com

The plank is a brilliant exercise for building core strength using only your own bodyweight. In this exercise guide, I will teach you how to perform the plank correctly, ensuring maximum gains without the risk of injury. The plank focuses on your core muscles: abdominal, back, hips, shoulders, neck. The …

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How to do Dips

How to do Dips | Modern Calisthenics

Dips are one of the 5 basic exercises you need to master in order to progress in calisthenics. Along with push ups, sit ups, pull-ups and squats, dips should be at the core of your workout routines. In my opinion you should be doing these everyday. Even if you only …

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How to do a Handstand

Handstand | ModernCalisthenics.com

Calisthenics involves more than just raw strength. If you really want to master the art of calisthenics and build strength then you need to incorporate balance training and gymnastics skills into your repertoire. Today I’m going to talk about how to do one of the most fundamental, yet undeniably tricky …

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How to do a Push Up

Push-up Exercise Guide | ModernCalisthenics.com

One of the most fundamental exercises in the calisthenics repertoire is the push up. If you want to build strength through bodyweight exercises then get prepared to perform a lot of push ups on a regular basis. The benefit of doing push ups is that they will help you build …

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