Calisthenics in Amsterdam

If you’re into calisthenics, Amsterdam is a great place to live. The city has installed calisthenics workout equipment in parks all over the city and there are plenty of areas where the urban landscape provides opportunities to do a bodyweight workout.

Calisthenics Parks Amsterdam

Calisthenics Park – Rembrandt Park, 1058 GD Amsterdam (West)

The street workout gym has fitted an amazing bodyweight fitness training area in the Rembrandt Park. The outdoor calisthenics gym includes pull up bars, high bars, low bars, monkey benches, parallel bars, and more. The park can be reached by bike or car, or by taking the metro to station Lelylaan.

BarzQuad Calisthenics Park – Wolbrantskerkweg 66A, 1069 DA Amsterdam (West)

The BarzQuad calisthenics park is an impressive creation. There are all kinds of bars setup here. The area can get a bit busy during the early evening but there are always bars available to exercise on.

Street Workout Park – Overbrakerpad 4, 1014 AZ Amsterdam (West)

Located near the train tracks in Amsterdam’s Westerpark, the Street Workout Park features around 6 sets of bars. There are often people working out there, along with groups doing boxing and other self-defence classes nearby.

Part of the Calisthenics Park in Amsterdam’s Rembrandt Park

Calisthenics Gyms Amsterdam

There are several calisthenics friendly gyms in Amsterdam, including a new calisthenics focused gym in Amsterdam Noord. The gym can be found at: Nieuwendammerdijk 538, 1023 BX Amsterdam.

The Eastbound Gym, in Amsterdam Oost, is also planning to add Calisthenics classes to their programme. More information coming soon.

Calisthenics is sometimes also called Street Workout, because you can do it anywhere. It could also be called, Forest Workout!