Calisthenics in Amsterdam


If you’re into calisthenics, Amsterdam is a great place to live. The city has installed calisthenics workout equipment in parks all over the city and there are plenty of areas where the urban landscape provides opportunities to do a bodyweight workout. Alongside the numerous calisthenics parks Amsterdam, there are a selection of calisthenics gyms in Amsterdam too. You’ll find all the details right here.

Calisthenics Parks Amsterdam

Calisthenics Park – Rembrandt Park (RembrandtPark), 1058 GD Amsterdam (West)

The street workout gym has fitted an amazing bodyweight fitness training area in the Rembrandt Park. The outdoor calisthenics gym includes pull up bars, high bars, low bars, monkey benches, parallel bars, and more. The park can be reached by bike or car, or by taking the metro to station Lelylaan. This is probably the best, most well-equipped calisthenics park in Amsterdam.

Part of the Calisthenics Park in Amsterdam’s Rembrandt Park

BarzQuad Calisthenics Park – Wolbrantskerkweg 66A, 1069 DA Amsterdam (West)

The BarzQuad calisthenics park Amsterdam is an impressive creation. There are all kinds of bars setup here. The area can get a bit busy during the early evening but there are always bars available to exercise on.

Street Workout Park – Overbrakerpad 4, 1014 AZ Amsterdam (West)

Located near the train tracks in Amsterdam’s Westerpark, the Street Workout Park features around 6 sets of bars. There are often people working out there, along with groups doing boxing and other self-defence classes nearby.

Calisthenics Gyms Amsterdam

Along with the great calisthenics parks in Amsterdam, there are several calisthenics friendly gyms, including a new calisthenics gym in Amsterdam Noord.

Calisthenics Amsterdam Gym

Called simply Calisthenics Amsterdam, this gym boasts an extensive outdoor training area that is open from 7am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday. The gym offers group classes in callisthenics training and technique, specific classes for learning hand-balancing skills, personal training, and business training sessions.

Calisthenics Amsterdam is open to everyone: “We welcome everyone. Already toned up your body years ago, or, ehm, totally ready for a makeover (body and soul)? The silent type, or a more of a clown? Man, woman, searching? Come and join us. The world is your playground.”

Prices start at €12.50 for a trial class. Regular membership is €59 per month. Or, if you prefer, you can pay €15 for a single class or €140 for a 10 class stamp card to use at your leisure.

The Calisthenics Amsterdam gym can be found at Nieuwendammerdijk 538, 1023 BX Amsterdam.

Famba Fitness – Rembrandt Park Calisthenics Area

Famba Fitness offers 1 to 1 personal training and personalised group lessons. The owner/trainer, Solly, has a passion for helping students reach their fitness and health goals. When I spoke with him he explained to me that he wants to “teach people how to train smart for their specific goals. I want them to get the results that they deserve, for the effort they put in. For me, Famba Fitness is about taking steps towards your goals. I hope that it can be that for you too.”

Famba Fitness Calisthenics Amsterdam
Famba Fitness Group Session in Rembrandt Park

The style of training is fun and challenging. It’s a mix of calisthenics, gymnastics, weight training, and movement.

With the 1-to-1 personal training, everything will be based on getting you the best results. You can expect expert guidance, a flexible schedule and full attention during your sessions. 

The style of the group lessons is somewhat different from what you might have done before. The special thing about this group, besides the great atmosphere, is that Solly designs everyone a custom program based on their goals and level. That means you have the benefit of a group atmosphere with an individual approach.

I’ve been teaching people for 6 years, gathering in-person experience on the best training, nutrition and recovery methods and looking forward to helping you in your journey to becoming a better version of yourself.”

Solly, Famba Fitness

Visit Famba Fitness to book a personal training session or a free group trial.

Eastbound Gym

Eastbound Gym offers group classes in calisthenics.

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