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Calisthenics is an autonomous exercise and fitness system

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Modern Calisthenics provides detailed exercise guides, workout routines, instructional exercise videos, equipment recommendations, dietary tips, and an insight into the principles and practice of calisthenics. Unlike weight-lifting in the gym, body weight training requires little to no equipment; it requires no gym membership and it builds holistic strength. Calisthenics, unlike traditional weight training, will sculpt your body to perfection! No muscle is left untrained when you focus on bodyweight movements as part of a well-planned exercise program.

My name is Thom, I’m the founder of Modern Calisthenics. I created this website to share my knowledge, which is based on my own experience combined with numerous conversations with fellow fitness freaks, dietary experts, and bodyweight workout obsessives. I’ve successfully chiseled my body and become stronger and fitter than I ever thought possible. I owe my success to following a careful diet and dedicating myself to regular bodyweight workouts combined with light cardio training. I am now passing on what I have learnt to others. I hope you can benefit as much as I have from what I have learnt.

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