Intense Calisthenics Abs Workout

Here are the details of an intense calisthenics abs workout. I class this as intermediate because none of the exercises are particularly difficult, however, the number of repetitions will make this challenging for anyone. This particular workout routine is intended to be done without breaks between exercises. If done properly, this workout will guarantee strong, balanced abdominal muscles and a solid core.

Frank Medrano Sit Ups |
  1. 30 Seconds Mountain Climbers
  2. 15 Double Crunches
  3. 30 Seconds Mountain Climbers
  4. 15 Double Tap Twist Crunches
  5. 30 Seconds Mountain Climbers
  6. 15 Double Tap Twist Crunches (Opposite Side)
  7. 30 Seconds Mountain Climbers
  8. 15 Seated Knee Tucks
  9. 30 Seconds Mountain Climbers
  10. 100 Flutter Kicks
  11. 30 Seconds Mountain Climbers
  12. 30 Seconds Crunch Hold

Repeat twice more!

If you’re still a beginner I recommend cutting the reps by half and then just see how far through the workout you can get. Push yourself for better results but always maintain perfect form!

Here is a video of the legendary Frank Medrano performing this intense calisthenics abs workout:


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