Calisthenics for Beginners with Frank Medrano

In this video Frank Medrano explains his basic calisthenics training routines. He talks about how to do specific calisthenics exercises to achieve maximum results. Key Points: To build a strong foundation do the basic calisthenics exercises regularly – if you do this, you will be able to advance to extreme calisthenics moves. The basic calisthenics … Read more

How to do a Plank

Plank |

The plank is a brilliant exercise for building core strength using only your own bodyweight. In this exercise guide, I will teach you how to perform the plank correctly, ensuring maximum gains without the risk of injury. The plank focuses on your core muscles: abdominal, back, hips, shoulders, neck. The plank is a great exercise … Read more

Thom’s Diary: January 21st

Thom's Diary |

On this day, January 21st 2018: 5 sets / 3 reps close-grip pull ups (3 minute intervals between sets, as set by the strength training rules) 2 sets / 6 leg-lifts (using pull up bar) 3 sets / 10 reps push ups 3m Plank 2 sets / 10 reps supermans Notes: A fairly short workout … Read more

10 Simple Rules for Gaining Strength with Calisthenics

Strength |

Calisthenics is the best way to gain holistic strength. Calisthenics exercises always engage numerous muscles, encouraging balanced muscle growth and development. When you train with weights its easy to isolate muscles and over-focus on a single muscle or muscle groups; with calisthenics this is almost impossible. Gaining strength quickly and effectively requires exercising in a … Read more

Protein Rich Smoothie Recipe

Protein Rich Smoothie Recipe |

Smoothies are a great way to ingest some much needed vitamins. Quick to make and generally delicious, smoothies can give you a fast nutrient boost. All you need is a simple hand blender, a food processor, or a specially designed smoothie maker. Gather a selection of healthy ingredients, blend them, and voila! you have a healthy smoothie ready to go.

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Post-Injury Workout Routine

Post-Injury Workout Routine |

For the last 8 months I’ve been dealing with a combination of injuries that pretty much put me out of action entirely. Firstly, an ankle issue stopped me from performing my usual cardio routine and then shoulder bursitis (the inflammation of a small gland in the shoulder) stopped me from doing most bodyweight exercises.

I made some mistakes on my road-to-recovery and experienced a few abortive attempts at working out, generally doing more damage to myself and adding another couple of weeks to my recovery time. It was frustrating and I only had my own impatience to blame.

I’m taking it steady now, building my strength slowly and carefully. My physiotherapist recommended a couple exercises to correct a muscle mismatch in my shoulders (the root cause of the bursitis) and a podiatrist made new insoles for my shoes to rectify the ankle issue. Thanks to their help I’m running again and performing light calisthenics exercises everyday.

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