Push Up Bars: The Ultimate Guide

Guide to Push Up Bars | ModernCalisthenics.com

Push ups are the most effective exercise for building strong chest muscles, and contribute to strengthening numerous other muscles simultaneously. I’ve already posted a guide to doing push ups, so today I’m going to explore doing push ups using push up grips – also called push up bars.  While calisthenics …

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How to do a Plank

How to Plank | ModernCalisthenics.com

The plank is a brilliant exercise for building core strength using only your own bodyweight. In this exercise guide, I will teach you how to perform the plank correctly, ensuring maximum gains without the risk of injury. The plank focuses on your core muscles: abdominal, back, hips, shoulders, neck. The …

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Protein Rich Smoothie Recipe

Protein Rich Smoothie Recipe | ModernCalisthenics.com

Smoothies are a great way to ingest some much needed vitamins. Quick to make and generally delicious, smoothies can give you a fast nutrient boost. All you need is a simple hand blender, a food processor, or a specially designed smoothie maker. Gather a selection of healthy ingredients, blend them, …

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