What Parallettes Does Chris Heria Use?

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While watching one of Chris Heria’s calisthenics workout videos on YouTube, I noticed he often trains with parallette bars and wondered which parallettes Chris Heria uses. Are there Chris Heria parallettes? 

Chris Heria trains with wooden parallettes made by Thenx. Thenx wooden parallettes cost $79.99 and can be ordered from the Thenx website. Each pair of wooden Thenx parallettes has a grip 18 inches in length. They are the only parallettes Chris Heria uses to train calisthenics and get shredded. The Thenx parallettes used by Chris Heria weigh 4.4lb (2kg). 

Where Can I Buy Chris Heria Wooden Parallettes

The wooden parallettes used by Chris Heria are available for purchase on the Thenx website for $79.99. Thenx ships parallettes to anywhere in the United States and most international locations. 

Thenx also manufacture a set of small parallettes measuring just 6.3 inches. The small wooden parallettes cost $39.99.  

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Are Thenx Wooden Parallettes Worth It?

Thenx wooden parallettes have overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. One customer wrote: “Satisfied Customer – Perfect Parallettes!” The Thenx website boast 30 such reviews. I couldn’t find one that gave less than four stars; the majority of reviews gave five stars and most said things like “awesome”, “amazing” and so on.

One Thenx customer said they had received a faulty set of parallettes but that Thenx quickly responded and sent out another satisfactory set with an apology. It sounds like Thenx knows how to do customer service.   

Thenx Wooden Parallettes Customer Review | ModernCalisthenics.com
Another Satisfied Thenx Customer

The fact that Chris Heria uses Thenx parallettes does not necessarily speak to their quality since he is the founder and owner of Thenx, thus perhaps a little biased. 

That said, he is a dedicated calisthenics trainer and probably prefers to use the best calisthenics equipment available – in fact, you could argue is he is so dedicated to quality that he has gone as far as making his own wooden parallettes. 

Having purchased a pair of Thenx wooden parallettes last year, my opinion is that they are simple, elegant, and effective. I use them often. The wood is smooth, and the parallettes feel sturdy under my hands. I’ve still not mastered the handstand pushup, but I’m working on it!  

Why Does Chris Heria Use Parallettes?

Chris Heria likes to train with parallette bars for several reasons:

  1. You don’t need a lot of space to get shredded – wherever you place them on the floor that’s where you train. This means you can train with parallettes in your living room or pretty much anywhere else you want. 
  2. Training with parallettes protects your wrists from damage. If you are constantly bending your wrists to perform exercises this puts extra strain on the joint. The prefers to be straight.  
  3. Using parallettes gives you a greater range of motion and therefore improves the quality of every rep. 
  4. The final reason Chris Heria uses parallettes is because they are a great tool for assisting with progressions. Using parallettes, Chris tells us, you can easily progress on to more difficult calisthenics moves. This is because using parallettes gives you greater stability and control. Gripping a bar is better than simply putting your hands on the floor. It is easier to add more reps and apply more strength when you are gripping a parallette bar compared to resting your hand on the ground. 

Advantages of Training with Wooden Parallettes: Training on parallettes will make it easier to master more difficult calisthenics exercises such as handstand push ups and the planche.

On top of training effectiveness, using parallettes will reduce the likelihood of wrist injury. 

Best of all, you can train with parallettes anywhere and they are light enough to carry around with you. 

Chris Heria’s Top 5 parallette Exercises

Once you have a pair of Chris Heria’s favorite wooden parallette bars from Thenx you can start improving your calisthenics skills, building strength, and, in true Chris Heria style, getting shredded! 

Try Chris Heria’s five favorite parallettes exercises. 

  1. L-Sits 
  2. Handstand Hold
  3. Handstand Press
  4. 90 Degree Push Ups 
  5. Planche 

Wooden Parallettes for Calisthenics

While calisthenics normally prides itself on being a training style that doesn’t require equipment or a gym membership, most calisthenics trainers use parallettes. 

The simplicity of parallettes makes them perfect for calisthenics. There are heap of calisthenics exercises that can be done using them. From pushups to handstands to planches and everything in between. 

Along with the pull up bar, the parallettes are one of those (almost) essential pieces of equipment for successful calisthenics training. Just take a look at Chris Heria, you don’t build a physique like that without knowing how to train in the best possible way. 

Parallettes should not be confused with dip bars, which are much taller, or push up bars, which are smaller and really only for performing push ups.

Save yourself some time and frustration by choosing a pair of wooden parallettes that are right for you. Then sling them in your backpack and take them to the park for a workout. You’ll get shredded, strong, and athletic in no time.

There are many types of wooden parallettes available, but the parallettes Chris Heria uses, Thenx wooden parallettes, are among the best I’ve seen. 

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36 Exercises You Can Do With Parallettes 

Here is a list of 36 exercises you could try doing with your parallettes, just off the top of my head…there are probably loads more.

Push UpsArcher Push UpsTypewriter Push Ups 
Mountain Climbers (Sideways)Mountain climbersDips
Front Clap Push UpsTuck PlanchePlanche Lean
Straddle Elbow LeverFull Planche with BandDynamic Planche Kickouts
Straddle PlancheHandstandHandstand Push Ups
L-Sit Shoulder StandL-Sit SidersL-Sit Switches
Tucked Sit KicksL-SitOne Arm Push Ups
Parallette Push Tuck DipPike Push UpsShoot Through
Single Leg Core CompressionsStatic Knee RaiseStraddle Hold
Straddle LiftsStraight Bar Overhand Push UpsTigerband Push Ups
Tricep ExtensionsTricep Push UpsRobot Push Ups
Under the Fence Push UpsExtra Wide Push Ups

Time to Train with Parallettes

Know that you know what parallettes Chris Heria uses to train, there is nothing to stop you getting off the internet, going out side, and doing some actual training. That handstand push up won’t do its self. Order yourself a pair of parallettes and get into calisthenics. Build strength, develop impressive balance skills, and earn a shredded body all year round.


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