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Chris Heria is one of my favourite calisthenics YouTubers, and recently I was wondering: what does Chris Heria eat for breakfast? 

A typical Chris Heria breakfast is low in carbs and high in protein. Chris Heria likes to make simple, easy-to-cook breakfasts containing just a couple of ingredients. One of Chris’ favourite breakfast foods is eggs. He likes to eat scrambled eggs with vegetables. At breakfast, Chris Heria eats 4 scrambled eggs, with peppers, onions, and kale, or another combination of healthy vegetables. He uses pink Himalayan salt in his eggs, along with black pepper, cooking the vegetables in half a tablespoon of olive oil. 

The Chris Heria Breakfast: Diet Goals

Chris Heria considers his workout goals when planning what to eat for breakfast. Chris Heria’s goal is to stay lean and strong. He wants to build muscle and strength while also improving his athleticism. 

For Chris Heria the goal is build lean muscle and maintain athleticism. 

Unlike many bodybuilders, he is not content to simply load up and increase mass. He wants to gain “quality, dense muscle”, develop his strength, and simultaneously get shredded by burning fat. 

Excess fat, retained water, and weight, says Chris Heria, will slow you down and decrease the number of repetitions you can do. So the Chris Heria breakfast keeps it lean and clean.

Chris Heria says he has been shredded all year round for the last 10 years as a result of hard work, good programming, and the right nutrition. 

If you want to stay shredded like Chris, he recommends factoring in calories in compared to calories out when designing your personalised diet plan.

How Fast Can You Gain Muscle Eating Breakfast Like Chris Heria?

According to Chris Heria, the best case scenario for a novice, or beginner athlete, is gaining 2 pounds of muscle per month, or around 20 pounds during the first year of training. 

Intermediate athletes are lucky if they can put on 1 pound of muscle per month, while advanced athletes are doing well if they can add half a pound of muscle each month. 

Eating a protein focused, healthy diet, combined with regular planned workouts, will help you gain muscle as fast as Chris Heria. 

Does Chris Heria’s Breakfast Change Depending on His Training Schedule?

Yes, Chris Heria plans his diet to compliment his training regimen. For example, when he is planning to do heavy lifting he tends to increase his carb intake.

On abs days, he decreases his carb intake, since his body will not require so much energy.

The Chris Heria Breakfast: What Food Does Chris Heria Like to Eat for Breakfast and Other Meals

When beginning a healthy diet, Chris recommends you start by identifying all the healthy and nutritious food that you enjoy eating

Trying to force yourself to eat food you don’t like simply because someone else is having success eating those things is a recipe for failure – you won’t be able to keep up the diet if you don’t like it. 

When it comes to protein, Chris Heria’s favourite food is salmon. He also loves chicken breast and shrimps. 

Chris also likes to eat red meat, but only occasionally, roughly once every two weeks. His preferred red meat is top sirloin filet, which is one of the leanest and most tender cuts of sirloin.

Chris Heria recommends eating one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day. This is why eating scrambled eggs for breakfast is a great way to start your day because you immediately get a protein bump from the eggs. 

Some of Chris’s favourite vegetables are asparagus, broccoli, spinach, and Bok Choy. Other favourites that he eats less often are corn, avocado, and potato. Chris also enjoys eating sweet potatoes. 

Chris Heria also eats grains, including whole wheat spaghetti pasta, quinoa, and rice. 

Chris believe eating real food, rather than relying only on protein shakes, will ensure you get all the nutrients you need to fuel the kind of workouts that will build lean muscle, develop real strength, and keep you shredded all year round. 

The Chris Heria Breakfast: What Are Chris Heria’s Favourite Breakfast Foods? 

As well as scrambled eggs, Chris Heria likes to eat high-protein French toast, a Greek yogurt parfait, avocado on toast with boiled eggs, and protein rich waffles.

Up next are the recipes for Chris Heria’s favourite breakfasts.

Chris Heria Breakfast Recipe: Scrambled Eggs

Here is a step-by-step guide to making a scrambled egg breakfast like Chris Heria:

1. He starts by turning on the stove and adding some oil to the pan. 

2. While the pan heats, Chris Heria washes his peppers, then cuts them starting from the stem. He cuts the peppers into slices, then chops them up. 

3. After the peppers, Chris takes the onions and begins by cutting off the stem. Once removed, he cuts the onion into slices and then cuts those slices into small pieces. The peppers and onions he places together in a bowl and sets aside. 

4. Next, Chris Heria breaks his eggs into a bowl. He adds black pepper and pink Himalayan salt to the eggs and then whisks them with a fork. 

5. With the ingredients prepared it’s time to start cooking. Chris begins by putting the peppers and onions into the pan, where the oil should be hot and simmering. 

6. Chris stirs the vegetables until they are glazed. You will know this is done when the onions turn a little bit brown, he explains. 

7. Next Chris adds the eggs to the pan and stirs them to ensure everything is getting cooked. 

8. Once the eggs are almost cooked, Chris adds the kale. Once it is cooked the meal is complete. 

Chris Heria Low Calorie Flavour Tip: Chris Heria recommends using hot sauce to add flavour to your meal without adding calories. Avoid high-calorie condiments like mayonnaise and ketchup and dressing. Hot sauce has zero calories, and, what’s more, it tastes great with eggs! 

Nutritional Information

Eggs (4)Onion (1) Peppers (1/2 Cup)Kale (1 Cup)Olive (Half Tablespoon)TOTAL

Chris Heria Breakfast Recipe: French Toast

“I can’t believe this is healthy!” – Chris Heria

How to Make Chris Heria’s French Toast:

1. Chris starts by heating the stove to medium. 

2. Next Chris whisks the eggs, he recommends removing some of the yolk if you want to eat less fat and reduce the total calories of the meal.

3. Add the cinnamon to the eggs and whisk again. 

4. Put the mix cinnamon and eggs in a large enough bowl and dip the bread, dipping it on both sides. 

5. Once the slice is soaked, Chris adds the slice to the pan, making sure the heat isn’t too high to avoid burning the bread. 

6. When it’s cooked, Chris removes the toast from the pan, puts it on a plate, and ads the sugar free maple syrup. 

Nutritional Information

Eggs (3)Bread (1 Slice)Cinnamon (1 Tablespoon)Sugar Free Maple Syrup (2 TbSpoons)TOTAL

Chris Heria Breakfast Recipe: Parfait

Chris Heria Parfait Breakfast

“A beautiful Parfait in just a couple seconds” – Chris Heria 

Chris’ Parfait recipe is simple:

1. Add the yogurt to a glass or bowl. 

2. Then add the berries.

3. Top off the berries with the granola. Voila. 

Nutritional Information

Greek YogurtBlueberries (1/4 Cup)Strawberries (1/4 Cup)Raspberries (1/4 Cup)Granola (10g)TOTAL

Chris Heria Breakfast Recipe: Avocado Toast with Boiled Eggs

How to Make Chris Heria’s Avocado Toast:

1. Chris starts by boiling his eggs, putting them in ice cold water once they are done to make them easier to peel. 

2. With a fork, Chris mashes the avocado before putting it on top of the toast. 

3. At this point, Chris likes to add a sprinkle of red pepper for flavour. 

4. The last step is to slice the eggs and lay the slices on top. Add a little salt and pepper to improve the flavour. 

Nutritional Information

Bread (1 Slice)Hardboiled Eggs (3)Hass Avocado (Half)TOTAL

Chris Heria Breakfast Recipe: Protein Rich Waffles 

Chris Heria Waffle Breakfast

“Now that’s a stack of waffles, baby!” – Chris Heria 

How to Make Chris Heria’s Protein Rich Waffles

1. Chris starts by adding the oats, eggs, and protein powder to a blender and mixing them together to make the pancake mix. 

2. Then add the mixture to a waffle maker to cook. 

3. Top off the waffles with sugar free maple syrup and blueberries. 

Nutritional Information

Oats (1/2 Cup)Eggs (3)Protein PowderSugar Free Maple Syrup (2 TbSpoons)TOTAL

Time to Cook a Chris Heria Breakfast

Now we know what Chris Heria eats for breakfast. I know that tomorrow I’ll be making the Chris Heria scrambled egg special. How about you?


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