7 Minute Fat Burning Morning Routine with Chris Heria

Burn fat and build muscle first thing in the morning with this 7 minute calisthenics routine!


  1. Half Burpees – 45 seconds | 15 second break
  2. Plank with alternating toe taps – 45 seconds | 15 second break
  3. Side plank – 45 seconds | 15 second break
  4. Low plank to high plank – 45 seconds | 15 second break
  5. Butt kicks – 45 seconds | 15 second break
  6. Knee raises – 45 seconds | 15 second break
  7. Jumping squats – 45 seconds | 15 second break

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Video Transcript

“What’s up guys, 

It’s Chris Heria, welcome to another vlog. 

We’re just getting the morning started.

Just like everyone else, as soon as they wake up they do a bit of cardio, some type of morning routine, maybe run on the treadmill. We’re gonna be kickstarting our day with a morning routine that you can do every single day, specifically designed to burn fat and build muscle. 

And all these exercises for the routine and low impact, meaning that you can wake up and easily get right into them. And best of all these are highly effective, but basic exercises, that any person or beginner can get started with right away. They don’t take any prior fitness experience to be able to do these exercises. Which means you can start this morning routine with me right now. 

And within this routine we’re engaging all the difference muscles within our body. But we’re not gonna be overworking a particular muscle, and that’s why it’s great to do this routine every single day. 

You’re gonna be stimulating your muscles a lot more frequently than just hitting one main muscle group per day. You’re only gonna see that muscle group probably once a week. And that’s gonna make sure that you’re consistently activating and developing your muscles throughout the week. 

And one of the best things about doing this first thing in the morning is that you’re gonna continue to create an after burn effect after you’ve already finished working out that’s gonna last throughout the rest of the day. Even up to 24hrs of continuing to burn fat. 

So I want you to do this routine every single morning. It’s really not gonna be that hard, and I promise you, you’re gonna be consistently burning fat, building muscle, and getting in the best shape of your life.

Let’s go downstairs and get started. 

All right, so let’s go ahead and get started. 

Open up the HeriaPro App to this morning routine and let’s get right into this workout.

For each exercise, we’re gonna be doing it for 45 seconds on, and then we’re gonna take a 15 second break in between each move. 

This is called high intensity interval training, and this is what’s gonna give you an after burn effect that’s gonna have you burning fat up to 24 hours after you finish this workout routine. 

So the first exercise is gonna be half burpees. If you don’t know how to do that exercise go ahead and click on the movement, watch the video. 

All right so let’s get right into it, 45 seconds. 

We’re gonna do a pushup, up onto our feet

All right, so there we have the first exercise. This is all about going into a pushup position and popping up onto your feet. You don’t need to do it as explosively as I did it, you just need to do it at your own pace, and eventually you’re going to get better. 

The next exercise is going to be plank with alternating toe taps. 

Let’s go for it. 

Keep your core tight. 

Make sure you’re regulating your breathing. If you’re breathing too fast, you’re gonna gas yourself out. 

Keep your legs straight, I’m gonna tap one side on the outside, come in, tap the other side. 

Make sure you’re engaging your scapulas (shoulder blade), engaging your core, tightening your entire body. 

All right, so that exercise is great as an active rest, meaning as soon as you finish a more difficult exercise, like the half burpees, you wanna continue to maintain your heart rate, sweat, burn fat, and stimulate and grow your muscles. 

So let’s get right into the next exercise. 

You’re going for the side plank hold. 

For this exercise it’s super important that you’re engaging your abdominals, especially your obliques, and you’re actually pushing from your shoulder as well. Try to lift your body, and engage as much of your core as possible. 

So squeeze, squeeze and breathe the whole entire time. 

All right we’re gonna go ahead and switch. 

All right. 

Let’s keep it going. 

We’re gonna move on to the next exercise, that’s gonna be the low plank to high plank, continuing to work out core. But also engaging out entire body and stimulating our arms. 

Let’s get right into this exercise. 45 seconds. 

It’s important while you’re doing this exercise to maintain the tightness and the form and technique in your core. You don’t want to be moving all around like this when you’re doing this movement. 

Try to stay strict as possible in your form. 

Once you’ve gone about halfway, you wanna change which hand you’re actually gonna start with. 

So let’s do a couple more of these. 

All right, let’s switch it up. 

All right, the next exercise we have is going to be butt kicks. This is a great move to start bringing back up the intensity now. 

And we’re gonna take a break from our arms, which means me have more energy in our legs, we’re gonna be able to continue to go hard and make progress. 

All right, let’s get right into these butt kicks. 

Remember to regulate the breathing. Breathe in slow. Exhale slow. 

In through your diaphragm, and exhale. 

The reality is that breathing is everything. If you can learn to regulate your breathing and breathe properly while you train, you’re gonna increase your endurance. 

Woo, all right. 

We’re almost done with this routine. 

We’re gonna be moving into the knee taps. 

45 seconds on. 

So we were just kicking from the back, now we’re gonna be raising from the front, working anterior and posterior muscle chains. Let’s get right into these high knee taps. 

Bring those knees up as high as you can. 

The higher you bring them up, the more you’re engaging, the better you’re doing this move. 

Five more seconds. 

All right, we’re moving on. 

As you can see guys, I am drenched in sweat. This is only round one. And with that said, go ahead and check high knee taps off the list, we’re gonna go on to the last exercise. 

That’s gonna be jumping squats, 45 seconds. 

Here we go. 

Keep it going, everything you’ve got. 

Make sure you’re engaging your core, and keeping it as explosive as you can. 

Woo, all right. That’s gonna wrap it up for round one. Let’s go ahead and check off jumping squats off the workout.

There you have the perfect morning routine for all fitness levels. 

Get it started right now. And guys, keep in mind, just doing one round of this is more effective than running on the treadmill for 30 minutes. And it’s way more beneficial as you’re working out your arms and other muscles in your body as well, not just cardio. 

This routine is perfect for first thing in the morning. It only takes 7 minutes to complete the whole entire routine. 

With only 7 exercises, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off, and all these exercises are low impact, basic exercises that you can just get right into. 

You don’t need any prior fitness knowledge or experience and you’re still gonna get an insane workout. And you’re gonna be shredding the fat off of you every single morning and building muscle consistently. 

And eventually, you’re gonna get a lot better at this. This routine is gonna get a lot easier, you’re gonna be able to go for two rounds, and eventually three rounds, and that should only take about 25 to 30 minutes – to get in a super effective workout. 

And if you don’t have 30 minutes in the morning, just wake up 30 minutes earlier. The truth is that we don’t always have the time, you have to make the time if you really want to achieve your goals. 

So with that said, thank you guys so much for following along, you’re ready to start your day, and I will see you tomorrow morning doing this routine again. 

And remember, if you’re trying to see real results you need to train smart, and you need to have a properly structured workout program, to ensure that you’re getting in the best shape of your life in the most efficient way possible. 

If you want my personal workouts and workout programs that I post on a daily and weekly basis, then definitely download the HeriaPro app. Get all my routines on your phone as I post them in real time. It’s like having me as a personal trainer in your pocket. 

Not only will you get access to all my personal workout and routines, but all the workouts I’ve made for other people in the past, as well as a workout generator that I’ve developed that creates workout programs specifically for you and your fitness level, with your fitness goals in mind. 

Just plug in what muscle group you wanna work out, how much time you have to work out, what your fitness level is, what type of equipment you want to work with, and if you want to warm up or not, and you’re gonna get a workout routine created for you instantly, Chris Heria style. 

So I’ll be seeing you guys on the HeriaPro app. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. And if you enjoyed the video then definitely smash that like button.  

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And for everybody else, I’ll see you guys next Thursday or next Sunday on the Thenx channel. 

Mad love, peace out baby.”


Personal Trainer, Calisthenics Practitioner, & Owner of ModernCalisthenics.com

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