Calisthenics Equipment

While calisthenics doesn’t require any specialist gear, there are a few bits of kit that are extremely useful and commonly used. Here I have given a quick run-down of some of the best, and most popular, calisthenics gear available on the market, along with a few ideas for DIY jobs.

Pull-up Bars

Perhaps the most useful and frequently used piece of equipment used in calisthenics is the pull-up bar. The pull-up bar is as close as it gets to an essential piece of kit. Pull-up bars come in many different shapes and sizes, from fixed bars between doorways or bolted onto a wall, removable bars that fit into doorways, to stand-alone bars with metal support frames. Pull-up bars are perfect for building arm, shoulder, back, and core strength using only your own body weight.

Pull-up Mate

The pull-up mate is an innovative approach to the pull-up bar. I decided it deserves its own section on this page because, well, I’m a huge fan.

Push Up Bars (Push Up Grips)

Read my Ultimate Guide to Push Up Bars here. Long story short, they are worth the money.

(Gymnast) Rings

Gymnast rings allow a wider range of possibilities compared to pull-up bars, for this reason they are the preferred piece of gear for many calisthenics practitioners.

Wrist wraps

While not always necessary, wrist wraps offer a level of protection against wrist injury – a common problem for many people. Wrist wraps are particularly recommended for people attempted to do handstands and handstand pushups. I recommend purchasing wrist wraps by Bear Grip. I’ve found them to be comfortable and sturdy. You can find them on Amazon for less than 10$ (8€).

Parallettes (P-Bars)

When it comes to calisthenics equipment its all about the bars. Even really small ones. Parallettes are small, matching bars that sit close to the floor. Parallettes are great for beginners and can help you ease into some of the more difficult calisthenics exercises.

DIY Calisthenics Equipment

Some people prefer to build their own calisthenics equipment and you can find lots of great examples  online. Here is one made from pipes:

DIY Calisthenics Equipment