Protein Rich Smoothie Recipe

Protein Rich Smoothie Recipe |

Smoothies are a great way to ingest some much needed vitamins. Quick to make and generally delicious, smoothies can give you a fast nutrient boost. All you need is a simple hand blender, a food processor, or a specially designed smoothie maker. Gather a selection of healthy ingredients, blend them, and voila! you have a healthy smoothie ready to go.

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Recipe: Avocado and Walnut Salad

Avocado and Walnut Salad | Modern Calisthenics

One of my favourite meals right now is an avocado and nut salad. It’s simple to make, rich in good fats and vegan. I’m not actually vegan but I like to keep my dairy and meat consumption to a minimum. To do so is more in keeping with my personal views on how animals should be treated and its better for the environment. With that in mind, I like to include quite a few vegan meals in my diet and this salad is a really tasty one.

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