Morning Calisthenics Routine with Chris Heria

The goal of this routine is to build muscle and burn fat. This is a high intensity routine.

Chris Heria Morning Calisthenics Routine: 

1. High-Low Planking – 45 seconds

2. Burpees – 45 seconds

3. Up-Down Side Planks – 25 each side

4. Explosive Push Ups – 25

5. Mountain Climbers – 45 seconds

6. Seated Leg Flutters – 45 seconds

7. Boat Hold – as long as possible

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Chris Heria Video Transcript

“Welcome to another video of Official ThenX. 

Today we’re in my house because I’m gonna be showing you a routine to do every morning to get shredded. 

And whenever I incorporate cardio or high intensity interval training into my morning routines I always feel way more energetic, and my muscles feel full throughout the entire day, like I had just finished my training. 

And if you do this morning routine, not only will you be burning fat, building muscle, and increasin your endurance each day, but you will also be training your body to be ready tot go all the time. 

So this quick routine consists of six effective exercises. The first one being low plank to high plank for 45 seconds. Let’s go for it.”

[Starts high-low planking for 45 seconds ]

“Alright, make sure to regulate your breathing. Breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth. And pace your breathing as well. Don’t breathe too hard, or you’ll gas yourself out. Keep that core tight. 

Alright, nice little warp we had there. Remember, when you’re doing this exercise to keep your core engaged the entire time. DOn’t let your hips go too high or too low, but remaining at that neutral point with your body fully engaged from the tips of your toes, all the way to your shoulders.

Alright, we’re gonna get right into the next exercise. That’s gonna be burpees. 

We’re gonna go for 20. I want you to pace yourself and have perfect form every time.

If you feel like you’re fatiguing slow your reps down, but the goal is not to stop while you’re training. And try to be as explosive as possible in every single rep. If you could bring your knees up on the jumps, perfect. And if you can’t, just go at your own pace. Let’s get started.”

[Starts performing burpees for 45 seconds]

“Alright, let’s take it back down to the ground. 

Next we have side plank, up and down. You wanna keep your core tight. We’re gonna go up and down with the hips, 25 each side. 

Now I know you’re pretty fatigued from doing those burpees, so this is gonna be more of like an active rest. So really try to focus on the contraction. Even time you come up, squeeze as hard as you can. Let’s go for it.”

[Does 25 up and down side planks]

“Alright, switch it up. Make sure that you go in low. Activate those obliques. Push up high. Get that full contraction.”

[Does 25 up and down side planks – alternate side]

“Alright. Next, we’re gonna be moving into explosive push ups. 

If you need a second, go ahead and catch your breath. But don’t wait too long, because you want to keep your heart rate up. This is supposed to be high intensity. 

We’re going for 25 explosive push ups. 

If you’re having trouble with this move, do as many as you can explosive, then move into regular push ups. 

Just do them as explosive as you can. 

And if you’re having trouble with those as well, you can always start with explosive knee push ups, and then one into knee push ups. 

Let’s go for 25.”

[Does 25 explosive push ups]

“Alright, moving on we have switching mountain climbers. This next move is gonna bring our heart rate back up and bring up the intensity. Of course, if you need to catch your breath, go ahead, do so. Something like 15 seconds. No more than 30 seconds. And when you’re doing this exercise make sure you don’t stop. You could slow down, but don’t stop. 

Let’s go for it.

Bring one knee up. Switch to the other one.”

[Does 45 seconds of mountain climbers]

“Don’t breathe too fast. And the more you twist, the more of your core you’re engaging. So make sure you get a good twist in there. 

Alright, we got two more exercises left. We’re gonna go for seated leg flutters. 

45 seconds, don’t give up.” 

[Does 45 seconds of seated leg flutters]

“If you guys feel like you’re fatiguing, you can go ahead and just hold the position, or you can just kind of go a lot slower. But don’t stop. That’s the main goal of this workout.

Squeeze your core, squeeze everything. 

We’re almost there, as hard as you can. 

Alright, now just hold the position, hands in front. This is the boat hold. We’re gonna max this one out.”

[Does boat hold for as long as possible]

“Regulate your breathing. If you feel like you’re falling down you can contract, contract, contract, come right back up, squeeze the core. Alright, last couple of seconds. Hold strong. 

Alright. That was round one of the routine. So I’m gonna go ahead and finish the routine for three more rounds. That’s gonna give me a total of four rounds to complete this workout routine. 

Definitely start doing this every single morning. And if you guys enjoyed the workout, then definitely smash that like button.” 

[Continues to promote himself for another minute 😉 ]

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