Calisthenics Bristol: Parks, Gyms, Clubs

Calisthenics Bristol: As the largest city in South-West England, Bristol offers a wide variety of sports amenities, including numerous calisthenics parks and calisthenics gyms.

Due to its large student and young working professional population, you’ll find a vibrant workout scene in Bristol. Bristol is known as a culturally vibrant place and is famous for its music scene.

But the city that produced Massive Attack and Portishead knows how to keep a good work/life balance by making it possible to put in some hard graft on the pull up bars after a night out.

We’ve complied a list of the best calisthenics parks in Bristol, along with a few recommendations for callisthenics gyms in Bristol. Take a look.

Calisthenics Parks Bristol

Bristol’s calisthenics parks are spread out across the city.

Brandon Hill Outdoor Calisthenics Gym

The Brandon Hill Outdoor calisthenics gym is the best outdoor facility of its kind in Bristol. The Bristol calisthenics club use it for training. There are a range of bars for pull ups and other calisthenics activities.

Address: 15, Queen’s Parade, Kingsdown, Canon’s Marsh, Bristol, City of Bristol, South West England, England, BS1 5XJ, United Kingdom

Simply Health Outdoor Workout Station

A simple workout station with a few of the basics for a callisthenics training session. This calisthenics park is in a great location for adding a run to your workout and building that cardio strength.

Address:  Ladies Mile, Bristol, Bristol, BS8 2XJ, United Kingdom

Elm Park Calisthenics Gym

The Elm Park calisthenics outdoor gym includes a selection of bodyweight machines, dip bars, pull up bars, and sit up benches. Not the most well-equipped calisthenics park in the city, but better than nothing if this is your neighbourhood.

Address: 10 Link Road, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7PD, United Kingdom

Calisthenics Gyms Bristol

SweatBox Gym – Calisthenics Classes and Bar Workout Gym

The popular SweatBox Gym has a great free training calisthenics area, with a very professional bar setup. Membership is £80 per month, but you get your money’s worth.

The SweatBox Gym also offers calisthenics classes where you will be shown how to build beautiful strength with just your bodyweight. They also show you how to perform tricks on the bars and broaden your calisthenics skills range. They say the classes are, “very fun and very popular among our membership”.

Address: Units 2-3, Princess St, Bristol BS3 4AG, UK

Starks Fitness – Calisthenics Classes

Boasting a dedicated calisthenics trainer, Starks Fitness offers specialised calisthenics classes that promise to teach you a range of calisthenics moves and improve your tone and fitness.

Address: 2 Glass Wharf, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS2 0EL

Bristol Calisthenics Tips

If you know about more calisthenics parks, calisthenics gyms, or calisthenics clubs we’ve not included here, then get in touch and let you know about them.

If you are the owner of one of the gyms mentioned above, get in touch to see how we can help you promote your calisthenics classes to a wider audience of calisthenics enthusiasts.


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