New Callisthenics Gym Opens in Ede, Netherlands

Great news for all you calisthenics freaks living in the Netherlands – especially if you live in or around Ede: a brand new, fully equipped calisthenics gym has just opened in your municipality. 

Co-owner of the gym, Robbin Vis, says he was inspired to start practising calisthenics after he watched videos of Russian and American youths working out in playgrounds. These youths, continues Vis, don’t have the money to pay for a gym subscription, but they still wanted to get strong in order to survive. This, he says, is the foundation of the sport today. 

The four founders, Casper, Marco, Robin, and Robbin, eventually approached the local government, petitioning the council for better calisthenics facilities in Ede. The government obliged with an outdoor calisthenics park in Ede, next to the Christian University of Applied Sciences Ede. Now, with the construction of an indoor hall, the boys are able to run calisthenics classes whatever the weather. 

The new hall is equipped with a wide range of calisthenics bars, along with fall mats to prevent injury and make a wider variety of exercises possible. Describing the benefits of training in the new calisthenics gym, Macro says, “The unique thing about this sport is that you do something that you have never done before and that you never suspected you could do…with every victory over yourself, you get a boost.” 

The boys named their callisthenics gym Kalós Gym – In Greek, kalós means beautiful and is one of the etymological roots of the word calisthenics, which arose from kalós and sthenos, sthenos meaning strength. 

The gym is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are classes for adults and children, as well as free training times. 


Kalós Gym

Vening Meineszstraat 3E

6717 AJ Ede



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